The future is here (but seriously, where is my flying car?)

Aileen posted this awesome link which has me rather thrilled. Wii, our time together may soon come to an end. You know I love you&your family so, but the Natal (seriously hoping for a better name soon) is new and young and full of sexy features and I am only human, a weak-willed game-playing one at that.

She also posted a link to this article which you don’t even need to read, let me just quote the most important part:

Tamar Saguy is different. Leading a team of Israeli and US psychologists, she has shown that women become more silent if they think that men are focusing on their bodies. They showed that women who were asked to introduce themselves to an anonymous male partner spent far less time talking about themselves if they believed that their bodies were being checked out. Men had no such problem. Nor, for that matter, did women if they thought they were being inspected by another woman.

Gee, maybe there is something to the idea that the history-long objectification of women isn’t empowering. Oh, and, my eyes are up here.


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