To hear you tell it
you can’t stomach the day
the light too much
for your eyes
when it touches on something
truly sickening.
the heat gets at you
and pricks your skin
like needles
or a loving touch.
the flies, the crowds
and above all
that omnipresent sun
forcing itself on a blue sky
that, like your face,
keeps turning back
to the night.


What exactly are you trying to tell me, iPod Shuffle?

My drive home from work tonight was accompanied by a soundtrack handpicked by fate:
Heathcliff – Diva Destruction
Rocketship – Taxiride
Nothing’s Impossible – Depeche Mode

I approached the universe with open hands, offering up my heart & soul for a sign, some sort of direction, an illumination of the path to take.

Be careful what you ask for, right?