No Impact Man is having a big impact on me.

I’m almost finished catching up on the Fake Plastic Fish archives, and at the beginning of this month, Beth posted an interview with No Impact Man. No Impact Man is Colin Beavan, who initially decided to go for a year making no/little environmental impact. Whilst living in a New York apartment with his family (which brought imaginable difficulties to his goal). This year-long project has evolved into a new lifestyle for Beavan, a book and a movie based on his experience.

Getting back to the interview, it is hitting me deeply that a lot of what Beavan says in regards to efforts to help the earth can also be applied to people struggling with anything overwhelming in their lives (me personally? Mental illness & university). My emphasis in bold.

So, we have to accept that the problem is overwhelming and immense and at the same time just get on with it.

So we can get overwhelmed and say that the human race is terrible, we’re doing terrible things. But actually, if you look very closely at the people around you, you find that most people are doing the right thing. They’re holding doors for each other, they’re helping each other across the street. They’re smiling at little kids ’cause little kids are fun. They’re joking with each other. I would say watch like the UPS man. Watch what’s happening on the street. People are joking with each other. People are lovely. Right?

Unfortunately for us, that loveliness is not reflected in our institutions… But never forget that people are lovely, right? And then for me that takes the overwhelmingness away.

Every day I am grateful for the little things that remind me of life’s potential.


One Response to “No Impact Man is having a big impact on me.”

  1. feministgal Says:

    He was on Good Morning America a while back and i remember being really impressed with all his sacrifices. The news team was incredibly confused, “um, you gave up what for this??” It’s curious how people are intrigued by environmental revolution when it’s other people who are making changes but are only willing to make tiny changes themselves (like light bulbs and cloth totes). But i guess it all starts with incremental change and small steps so we’re on the right track.

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