…cows can also become excited by solving intellectual challenges.

In one study, researchers challenged the animals with a task where they had to find how to open a door to get some food. An electroencephalograph was used to measure their brainwaves.

“Their brainwaves showed their excitement; their heartbeat went up and some even jumped into the air.”

from The secret life of moody cows

More and more, I’m finding myself unable to comprehend how people can be so happy to ignore the truth just to continue to eat animals. A few weeks ago, I was having burgers with friends (Perth people, the place next to Mojo’s has a choice of vegetarian burgers, though the one I had was really mushy and fell apart D:) and a waitress bringing out a burger tripped over a dog and it made a sound of pain. One person, even as they were eating their beef&bacon burger, was asking if the dog was okay. It blew my mind. I asked, did it seem odd to anyone else that we were making so much noise over a dog with a sore paw while they were eating meat? Only to me, apparently. I asked why, trying to figure it out. The answer given was because the pig and the cow weren’t in pain – the dog was.

I dropped it then. No-one likes a long righteous spiel during dinner.


6 Responses to “Moo”

  1. Fru Says:

    generally speaking, food animals are killed “humanly” (that is, with as little pain and suffering as possible). In fact, the laws and regulations around it are quite strict. (interestingly, maccas has the strictest for the farms it harvests from). [I would argue against comparing emotional stress/pain with physical, as it is too easily anthropomorphised and is often too difficult to understand]

    …but I think Denis Leary said it best in his “No Cure for Cancer” set.

    • kendally Says:

      Actually, I have more of a problem with the way that the animals are raised than the way that they are killed. Still, I’ve been told that livestock animals are killed humanely, I’ve been told that there are abattoir workers with PTSD from what they’ve seen. An easier solution than personally investigating every meat product I eat is just not eating meat products.

      And the study in the article indicates that cows can experience the physiological effects of what we would call emotions, but beyond that, the best reason I have for my beliefs is that every living thing has the right to live, and if I’m not in a position where my life depends on eating meat, why should I?

    • berryblade Says:

      Fothermucker please, how can you MURDER someone “humanely” – murder =/= humane

      That’s like saying that the women in porn consent to their treatment – it’s a load of shit privileged assholes say to make themselves feel not so guilty when they KNOW they are doing the wrong thing.

      P.S Minty, FUCK what other people care about during dinner. Steak guzzling assholes get no sympathy from me. If they didn’t want to hear it – they shouldn’t eat it.

      Beef: it’s what’s rotting in your colon.

      • kendally Says:

        By that same argument, if I didn’t want people teasing me about being vegetarian, I would eat meat. It leaves me shaking my head in incomprehensible rage, but I know that the aim is to get omnivores to consider the merits of our position rather than alienate them.

        Of course there are a lot of times when I can’t help myself and an anti-meat spiel just spills out of my mouth (because of the lack of steak stuffing it, I think).

  2. kittenkitten Says:

    I have a bit of a problem with Flipside because one time I ordered a vegie burger there & the guy pulled out a hunk of mince, formed it into a burger on the grill, then used the same hand / glove to get the vegie burger mix :( this was a while ago so hopefully it’s changed. those burgers ARE good & the best chips in perth

    • kendally Says:

      Gross D: I was not in a state to examine their food handling practices, alas, but as I am a mouthy bitch I would have spoken up loudly (as I usually end up doing at Nando’s for one reason or another) and insisted he change his gloves & start again.

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