I will never get that drunk again

I went to see The Hangover a couple of weeks ago, and left the cinema full of rage. I understand that this is supposed to be a “bloke’s film” and it celebrates men and their crazy, crazy shennanigans (because I personally have never woken up with an appalling hangover and only vague recollections of my adventures the night before), but the fact is that it’s complete crap. I’ve got Google up in another tab right now, trying to comprehend how so many people could like it (oh yeah, possibly the fact that the majority of reviewers are male?).

According to the man responsible for this steaming pile, “there’s a real sweetness” to the movie. Maybe, if you’re a misogynistic, immature pleb who willingly accepts the values of society at large instead of developing their own. Personally, I couldn’t get past the fact that the entire movie’s premise is based on one of the four main characters drugging the group with GHB (the date rape drug). Sure, he thought it was ecstasy, and was clearly perfectly within his right to drug his friends without their knowledge or consent. If guys are doing this shit to each other, it’s no wonder they’re doing it to women. Only, haha, most women don’t have a hilarious adventure when they get slipped GHB, they get raped.

Additionally, there were exactly four female characters (excluding, of course, the numerous tit-flashing strippers and whores which we know are representative of women as a whole and don’t need lines or even clothes because, hey, a woman’s value is in her appearance alone). They were as follows:
x Heather Graham, who is a single mother whore/stripper who marries one of the main characters in a spur-of-the-moment Vegas wedding.
x The bride-to-be, who is portrayed as vain, controlling and generally a typical Bridezilla.
x The girlfriend of the man who marries Heather Graham, who is abusive, cruel and generally a bitch (it’s alright though, after her boyfriend cheats on her and marries another woman, he comes to his senses and breaks up with her in a spectacularly crushing manner… at the wedding)
x The fat black lady cop.

The best way to describe this movie is sexist and racist with a handful of well-written lines. The fact that it is being lauded as brilliant further proves my pre-existing theory that most people are idiots.

Oh, and, if you’re worried that this amazing movie will fade from peoples’ minds too soon, you have the sequel to look forward to.


5 Responses to “I will never get that drunk again”

  1. Rhiannon Says:

    Oh my god, I am so sick of people taking movies so seriously. TWO WORDS, good fun. That is all it is meant to be. GOOD FUN. It’s not meant to be a smart commentary on life, it’s just a stupid movie that you AREN’T meant to take seriously.

    As a woman, I enjoyed that movie a lot, and I am smart.

    • kendally Says:

      Movies can be good fun & not play on offensive stereotypes, though.

      And I feel that the more that social inequities are being sold as funny rather than an outrage, the more smart people like yourself become used to it.

  2. Rhiannon Says:

    Not only were the women bad characters, but the ENTIRE CAST were bad/stupid people or weird people, etc. It wasn’t sexist, it wasn’t racist, it wasn’t homophopic… it made EVERYONE look stupid.

    Especially you for taking it so seriously Kendal.

    There are plenty of movies that actually are sexist or racist to complain about, why don’t you go see The Ugly Truth, that was a thousand time more sexist than The Hangover… and at least The Hangover was well made and well written.

    Will suggests you watch Master and Commander, it has no women in it.

    • kendally Says:

      Excuse me for having an opinion, Rhiannon. Why are you getting so upset about it?

      As for the movie rec., it doesn’t sound too good. I’d rather watch something with good, well-developed female characters.

  3. Katie Says:

    Its just yet another film in where we are nothing but sluts and bitches.I thought exactly the same the whole way through, its no wonder society as a whole thinks of us as nothing but decorative objects to have sex with.

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