28 years to twiddle your thumbs

I could use a whole thesaurus’-worth of synonyms for “appalling” and “disgusting” in describing the jail time given to John Xydias. This man raped eleven women over fifteen years, drugging them first and then filming the sexual assault. And his sentence? 28 years! This is despite the fact that the judge who dealt with this case is a woman. According to Justice Warren, Xydias’ actions were “very serious instances of a very serious crime,” yet he will be walking free by the time he’s 73 (if he doesn’t die in gaol).

Even worse is the fact that his sentence minimum is 20 years – which means he could be out by the time he’s 65. Despite the fact that he has drugged and assaulted so many women so many times, this man could be moving into your neighbourhood in twenty years. That the women were unconscious and don’t remember their experiences in inconsequential; likely every drink they ever have again will be a cause for fear, in case it’s been drugged. Every man casually making eye contact will be a possible attacker. Rape is something that survivors generally have to deal with for the rest of their lives. Why does this “man” have a second chance when he has damaged so many lives? He is sane, he plead guilty, he clearly knew what he was doing and that it was wrong. Maybe twenty years will be enough time for him to change his ways.

Even with the belief that every person deserves a chance at redemption, I can not honestly say in good conscience that I would be unconcerned if, in twenty years, this man moved into my street. Can you?


4 Responses to “28 years to twiddle your thumbs”

  1. Aileen Wuornos Says:

    I think that’s the first time in a long time I’ve seen one of these pathetic piece of shit excuse for humanity actually called out for what they are – a rapist piece of shit.

    If I saw this guy on the street, or any other fucker (you know WHO I’m talking about) I would not hesitate to fucking spit and cuss them the fuck out. If I actually condoned violence instead of pretending to be a hardcore motherfucker (NANGNANGNANGNANG) I would probably do a lot worse.

    But the thing is about this case – it fits nearly all the requirements of so called “real” rape. That is, he was a stranger to all the women he raped, they weren’t even aware (although I have seen cases when that’s apparently meant “consent”)

    It’s fucked up and I think you know how angry it makes me ;)

    A rapist is always a fucking rapist there’s nothing you can do about it. And they will always do it again. Oh god, it makes me too fucking angry.

  2. Damonii Says:

    dont worry we deal with these people outside the confines of the law, we deal with the ones that get away and dont be shocked if we deal with him inside the prison

    these people arent let of the hook there are men out there that have and will kill to get these scum away from women trust me… i should know

    • kendally Says:

      Yay real life superheroes!

      Actually, I feel that mortals like thee and me cannot properly deal with people who break the moral laws of life (assuming, of course, that one can correctly identify these laws, and that such a set of laws could be objective and static and apply to humans as individuals and as a mass, which are clearly two different things) so, how can we decide what should be done?

      I think, focus primarily on doing good&right oneself, as a person, for no reason other than that it is a good&right thing to do.

  3. Katie Says:

    It horrifies me to know that he is getting out in a mere 20 years.It is a loud testimony of how much society values women.As someone who was raped using the same drug at 16,the incident remains one of those foremost memories – you can’t remove it.Even now in my twenties he still shows up in my dreams.He’s never been proscuted or recieved any punishment.My feeling is that the best revenge is to survive yourself and not to live in it.

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