What they meant is, it’s actually a peninsula.

Did you know that there really is a giant garbage island?.

Some fast facts:
– Because of all the ocean currents converging on this area, rubbish thrown into the ocean around the world has been deposited in one area in the Pacific Ocean.
– It’s estimated (since there are areas where the water is full of plastic particles, but they’ve broken down to a molecular level) to be twice the size of Texas!!
– It’s mostly made up of plastic (bottles, etc.), and the thing about this stuff is that it does break down, but just into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic. Then fish think the particles are krill and eat them, so any pescetarians out there are enjoying a nice dose of plastic with their salmon.

So a good idea, I think, is to buy a couple of re-useable drink bottles at the supermarket. I used to occasionally buy a bottled water and reuse the bottle for several weeks until I eventually misplaced it. Since I bought two (brightly coloured!) drink bottles, I’ve bought perhaps two bottles of water (when stuck in transit with one of my drink bottles). And I haven’t even lost the drink bottles, because I don’t want to have to buy another one for $4 or whatever it is.

Sometimes it’s an annoying bummer hearing about this kind of thing. Too many people hide behind indifference&cynicism (how many people do you know who proclaim global warming to be a myth as an excuse for their actions?) when in reality it is actually incredibly simple to make the small changes which will make the world a better place.


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