A pirate’s life for me?

So in case you missed it, The Sims 3 was finally released this week. However, the wait was just too much for some people and a pirated version leaked a few weeks ago. I’m going to suggest that playing Sims 3 is a lot like playing Sims 2 and 1 in that it is causing the same reaction: it is an incredibly mind-blowingly good game, but the bugs and glitches are irritating at best and game-destroying at worst.

Hopefully, naively, I thought that perhaps the leaked version wasn’t the final version, after all (on second thoughts, I’ve been following this from the start, EA, and I see your pathetic lies for what they really are). At the very least I hoped that the programming gnomes at EA headquarters were aware of the glitches and had been labouring hard to perform their witchcraft and release patches quickly.

Now we’re here and the legit version is out most places and suddenly a lot of people (who have actually shelled out $50+ USD or $90+ AUD because they believe in the game and want to support it) CAN’T play their LEGIT versions of the game. From what I’ve seen, trying to play the game causes a warning to pop up saying that there is not an authorised version of the game on the computer.

EA came up with a “solution”:

Please note that because your computer CAN copy a CD/DVD, you CAN’T play the LEGIT copy of the game due to the insane (and apparently redundant) copy protection.

To me, this is the straw the breaks the camel’s back. I’ve been a good and loyal Sims player since The Sims 1. I bought real copies of the games and expansions, up until the start of this year when The Sims 3 was pushed back and I wouldn’t have lasted another six months without new expansions. Not just that, though, I even half-heartedly defended them, “Well yeah their games are buggy as all hell, but at least they’re trying and what they do right is good.”

NO MORE. You’ve broken my heart, EA, for the very last time. I tried so hard to think well of you, to avoid such phrases as “greedy capitalist pigs and their half-assed programming” or “ridiculous masturbatory advertising”.

Consider some facts:
The Sims 1 has sold 16 million copies & is the biggest selling video game evar (compared to 11.5million subscribers to WoW).
The Sims 2 was still outselling other games at the start of the year (four&a half years after the base game was released).
The Sims 2 broke a million sales within ten days of release.
The Sims 2 has now sold 13 million copies.
It’s thought that 180,000+ copies of The Sims 3 have been downloaded which apparently costs the company $9million USD (what about the many people I’ve seen, myself included, who downloaded the leak, but are/have buying/bought the game?)

It’s very, very clear that EA’s first interest with The Sims franchise is making as much money out of it as possible. Everything else, including the game quality and customer service, is merely an afterthought. At some point they thought that doing things like telling us a week before the release date that the game was going to be delayed SIX MONTHS, mainly so they can get in that little extra bit of advertising, was the best way to do that. It seemed like a brilliant idea to make us wait, complain about pirates then take our money and deliver a disastrously bugged game. All in an attempt to make more money and more sales.

I was going to buy the game as soon as I heard about it. I was the first person to preorder a copy at EB Games, a day after the release date was announced. I am still going to buy the game, Collector’s Edition natch (although if EB doesn’t have my extra toys when I pick it up, I will throw the biggest tantrum). But that’s it, EA. I trusted you, I had faith. Now, if you want my love, you’re going to have to earn it. Fix up the problems with the base game quickly; get the patches you knew we’d need out quickly. Oh, and if possible, stop selling furniture items from the website. I am paying $120 for this game. I am going to have to upgrade my PC so I don’t have to play it on my brother’s computer. You are being entirely too greedy, wanting me to spend more money on in-game items which we both know will quickly be superceded by FREE custom content. In the end, EA, I summarise my current position thusly:

You’re not getting any more of my money until you get your act together. From where I sit now, it looks like anything else you sell is not going to be worth the price you put on it.

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum,


2 Responses to “A pirate’s life for me?”

  1. Aileen Wuornos Says:

    Piracy is for mad cunts.

  2. Peter Lynn Says:

    I didn’t know you were a Sims fan, but speaking of piracy, since you object to the Sims store cash-grab …


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