The better you look, the more you see

I finished reading Glamorama the day before yesterday and have been thinking about it since then. Talking about it to some people, I’m surprised when they haven’t even heard of Bret Easton Ellis. Some people hadn’t even read/seen/heard of American Psycho! This book should be on everyone’s shelf, if only because its sale has been banned or restricted in some countries (like many classics before it).

Glamorama is a bit of a trip, like American Psycho, due to the fact that the majority of narration is first-person through the eyes of someone less than completely reliable. This is Victor Ward, a male model of astoundingly dim wits, who details his experiences in the centre of the celebrity crowd. In the course of things, he gets caught up with a group of celebrities who have turned to terrorism, out of what seems like apathy and boredom with life, despite their enviable lifestyle.

This book contains detailed recounts of sex and violence, so is probably ill-advised for the squeamish or prudish. Examples include a threesome (m/m/f) and someone being torture and castrated before being killed.

Overall I liked the book, despite it being confusing at some points. I definitely prefer American Pyscho from this author, though, probably because I’m sure a lot of the absurdity in Glamorama was lost on me.

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2 Responses to “The better you look, the more you see”

  1. Aileen Wuornos Says:

    Oh nice.
    One of these days I’m going to write a book about a fictional serial killer who is just as fucked up as her male counterparts.
    Oh wait.
    That’s my autobiography isn’t it?

  2. kendally Says:

    One can only assume that it will turn out that way.

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