I borrowed a bevy of books from one of my best ladies and read two yesterday! Only one was on my list, but they were both rather good.

Radical Sanity by Elizabeth Wurtzel is basically a little manual on life, but I really like it because the basic message is the same truth I’ve recently come to accept: be positive and make the best of life. There are a few things in it which would bother people, mainly the chapter on God and the fact that the reasoning for a lot of her suggestions is men. However, I think that if you read the chapter on God with a looser definition of God, that is not the typical Judeo-Christian vision of God but rather as an all-encompassing power holding existence together. Anthropomorphising God is stupid anyway, since he already did that in Jesus.

The stuff about the men I think can be partly explained by her personality and the fact that for the target audience (women in general), this is something which holds a great sway for many of them. Personally, I disagreed with the chapter on not staying friends with exes, although Wurtzel does make a brilliant point on this topic with the statement “…trying to be freinds with ex-boyfriends causes nothing but irritation at best and serious damage at worst”.

I think the best way to sum up the book is that the constant thread running through each mini-chapter is to love yourself unconditionally, love life, and think positive (which sounds like a bunch of New Age crock but is totally true).

The second book was The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon which is also a rather epic book. The narrator is a special needs kid who decides to investigate why someone killed the neighbour’s dog. This means that the writing style is a little simplistic, moreso because it’s a book for younger readers, but that doesn’t detract from the brilliance of it.

I really felt like I identified with Christopher, the narrator, especially when he’s doing things like trying to catch a train on his own and the intrusion of the outside world is just too much. Sums up social anxiety perfectly, except instead of sitting silently with his panic, Christopher starts screaming or groaning. Although I can’t say I have never felt like that, haha.

I still have a stack of books that should last me, oh, a week, so many more reviews to come.

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  1. Aileen Wuornos Says:

    You do my book reviewing for me. Maybe I’ll read this books after you and then do a feminist critique of them. Hahh

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