A book is a gift you can open again and again

Okay, so I have this quest to read these 1001 books before I die. I’m clearly a nerd in that I took a meme and have made it into a life goal, but whatever, as a simple Sim I am unable to change the desires popping into my head, only fulfil them.

Anyway, the most recent book I’ve read from it is The Count of Monte Cristo which is just brilliant.

The novel’s main theme is revenge which is really awesome because I am often spending time imagining certain people I would like to get revenge on. The main character, Edmond Dantes, is the one getting all this revenge because he got fucked over when his girlfriend’s cousin got a boner over her and got Edmond arrested. Because at this time (this book has actual historical relevance!) it was so tumultuous politically, he got stuck in prison forever.

But then he contacts another prisoner who has been digging a secret tunnel for years and they become friends and plan an escape, but the other prisoner dies from ~the humours~ and Edmond manages to escape alone. Oh and the other prisoner basically had a treasure map which he’d shared with Edmond and bequeathed to him with his dying breath. So Edmond goes and gets this treasure, which is worth hundreds of millions of currency. Then he reinvents himself from simple sailor into The Count of Monte Cristo and makes a mysterious appearance on the social scene of the day so he can fuck things up for the people who done wronged him.

As The Count he’s hugely rich and famous, kind of like the Paris Hilton of 1830s Paris. He’s super smart and witty and utterly polite and so rich he can afford to buy anything at a whim, and he manipulates this entire Parisian social scene (which needs a chart to explain it) until at the end of the movie, all the douchebags were dead and all the good, honest people were rich and happy. Then The Count rides off into the sunset with his woman and the curtains drop.

I think the thing I’m most impressed with by this novel is the character’s intelligence and inherent talent at manipulating people. He’s my hero now. I keep having bitchin’ dreams based around this book, which is cool as well.

The funny thing was that my only previous knowledge of this book came from V for Vendetta and that one Simpsons episode so I kept expecting for things to turn to shit at the end, but I was pleasantly surprised when the ending of the book is good to The Count since it reinforced my previously held belief that if life fucks you over, you have every right to fuck it back until the karmic balance has been reached.

Now to decide which book to read next…


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